Multi-Ethnic Committee (MEC)


As part of an agreed legal judgment in 1987, the Multi-ethnic Committee meets to discuss topics covered in a Federal Court order related to educational issues and discrimination.

Desegregation order 

Committee make-up

Membership is decided by the Federal Court’s Northern Judicial District of Texas, based on recommendations submitted by Garland ISD and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

The committee shall consist of three Anglo members, three Black members, three Hispanic members, and one Asian member.  The committee shall also have seven student ex officio members (non-voting).

Available Committee Seats

There are seats available for two Hispanic members and one Asian member.

If you are interested in being considered for the Multi-Ethnic Committee, please email your resume for consideration to Lakisha Culpepper, African-American Community Liaison for Garland ISD. Lakisha Culpepper will initiate the approval process and submit resumes to the NAACP Garland Unit #6256 for further consideration.

Committee Members

Dr. Joyce Miller, MEC Chairman
Mrs. Barbara Daniels, MEC Vice-Chairman
Mr. Timothy Robinson, MEC Secretary
Mr. Julian Olalde
Mr. Mel Pershan
Mr. Howard Pierson
Ms. Angela Reed

Ex-Officio Student Members

John Reeve Ramos
Timothy Williams
Blanca Ledesma-Davila
Brianna Rose
Vianna Ho
Rianna Lopez
Lyn Nguyen

Frequency of meetings

Committee members vote, set the schedule for meetings and meet five times per year at 6:30 p.m. 

Meeting Topic

Meeting DateLocationMeeting Topic
September 28, 2020Open Zoom MeetingReview Multi-Ethnic Compliance and a Historical Perspective
October 26, 2020Open Zoom MeetingTransportation/Freedom of Choice and Facilities Master Plan
January 25, 2021Open Zoom MeetingReview of the Desegregation Court Order
February 22, 2021Open Zoom MeetingHuman Resources Report
April 26, 2021Open Zoom MeetingSchools of Choice Updates and Enrollment
May 24, 2021Open Zoom Meeting

Discipline Data, Goals and Strategies

*Tentative dates subject to change


Dr. Babetta Hemphill
Executive Director of Student Services

Mr. John Washington
MEC Committee and Equity Advisor

Lakisha Culpepper
African-American Community Liaison