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Be active in your student's education to help them accomplish their goals. Parent support and involvement makes a positive difference by elevating student academic performance and increasing achievements. Explore the ways in which you can get support and be involved in your student's education.

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Community resources

If your family is in need of services such as counseling, support groups, housing, clothing, food, substance abuse treatment, or psychiatric assessment, you may refer to the community resource list to find information and support.

Community resource list (PDF)

Community resource list (DOCX)

Family preparedness

Unexpected situations can happen for any family. Below are some reminders to help you be prepared in case of an emergency or other unanticipated event. 

Contact information

Make sure your child's school has updated emergency contact information by taking a revised Family Verification Form to the school. 

Print the Family Verification Form

Child care

Without worrying them, assure your children that they will be taken care of if,  for some reason, you are unable to care of them, even for a short period of time.

Talk to the people you would want to care for your children if you are unable to, and make sure they know they will be listed as emergency contacts. Memorize their phone numbers, and have your children memorize them, too.

If you have legal documents preventing anyone from contacting or picking up your children, make sure to give a copy of that documentation to the school.

Make sure the list of people who can pick up and care for your children is up to date on your child's information card. Make sure the people who can pick and care for your children are up to date on your child's location and school.